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Are you interested in the public relations work of Aronia ORIGINAL? Do you need current press photos of the Aronia pioneer from Dresden?

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Thank you for your interest in our company, our public relations and press work and our products. We are happy to provide you with our latest press releases and carefully selected press photos.

Sustainability seal

Content: Aronia ORIGINAL is one of the top sustainability stores of 2022

Our new product Bio KräuterWohl

Content: A brand new addition to the Aronia ORIGINAL range from March is a special organic product called KräuterWohl.

Aronia ORIGINAL supports

Content: Food manufacturer from Dresden provides local aronia juice for more than ten clinics in Saxony.

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Here you will find current press photos of Aronia ORIGINAL in printable quality (300 dpi). You can download and save the press photos at any time with a click of the mouse (please note our terms of use listed below). If you require further image material, cut-outs or product images from us, please send an e-mail to .