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The company

Find out who we are and how we started our adventure.


Aronia ORIGINAL Naturprodukte GmbH is a traditional, experienced medium-sized company that develops and markets products related to the aronia berry. The company was founded in 2008 by Jörg Holzmüller, who has been gaining experience with the aronia berry since 2003. He has many years of professional experience with aronia berries and foods made from aronia and learned to love and appreciate them at the age of 18. Today we are very successful and the market leader in the aronia drink range of specialist retailers with products made from the aronia berry.

Discover our values and goals

With love, passion and a lot of heart, we have made it our mission to bring you closer to the dark purple aronia berry. Together with our cultivation and manufacturing partners, we offer high-quality and innovative products made from the aronia berry and other dark fruits.

Our team has been growing steadily since it was founded in 2008. There are currently around 20 “Aronians” on board. You take care of the many different tasks in a medium-sized company: Purchasing, sales, warehouse, finance, development, marketing and, of course, customer service. Because for us, the customer comes first!

We work closely with nutritionists and incorporate these findings into product development and quality assurance. We carefully select our suppliers and guarantee you the best raw materials. We have a long-term partnership with our aronia berry farmers. We support the establishment of new aronia berry plantations and the conversion to organic quality. Long-term contracts and price stability guarantee the best quality aronia berries.

Our organic plantations in Germany

We currently source aronia berries from around 220 hectares of organic and Demeter-certified cultivation area in Germany from our seven cultivation partners. The total area under cultivation in Germany is growing steadily. More and more farmers are discovering the small berry as a new alternative for their farms.


Aronia berries from European organic farming

In order to meet the high demand for organic aronia products, we also source high-quality organic produce from our neighboring countries Austria and Poland. Large areas of organic aronia berries have been grown here for a long time. Thanks to regional cultivation in Germany, Austria and Poland, the freshly harvested fruits are spared long transportation routes compared to exotic fruits such as acai or goji from overseas.

Trusting relationship with our organic suppliers

Our suppliers are subject to the requirements of organic certification in accordance with EU regulations. They must comply with the Aronia ORIGINAL quality standards.


Additional testing for harmful substances

In addition to the organic inspection, which is only based on the theoretical flow of goods, we have our products regularly tested for pesticide residues and heavy metals. As part of the neuform certification of Reformhaus® eG, we carry out fine-meshed radioactivity checks on all Aronia ORIGINAL products.

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Organic inspection body

The organic inspection body (DE-ÖKO-006) commissioned by us is a state organic inspection body approved nationwide by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food. We only receive the organic seal, which you can find on all our organic products, if we can guarantee complete documentation of the organic aronia berries from the grower to the manufacturer to the retailer.

We are deeply proud of the path we have taken to bring a 100% natural product to people's tables.

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