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The values of Aronia ORIGINAL


Growing with responsibility

We are aware of the responsibility we give to people with all our products. Always in the spirit of nature, we create high-quality products from the valuable aronia berry. Thank you for your trust.

We supply a 100% natural product

Since 2008, trust in our products has been of great importance to us. We offer organic and natural products without additives and are committed to responsibility towards our customers. Our vision is to focus entirely on the aronia berry and other dark fruits and to promote cultivation and develop innovative products.

We stand for simple and easy-to-understand products that are accessible to everyone and are made from selected organic raw materials.

We offer natural foods without additives such as direct juices, dried berries or aronia berry powder from high-quality plantations.

We offer organic, high-quality food that is carefully processed. With over 30 products, there are no compromises when it comes to our organic products.





Our mission as a 15-strong team of Aronians, led by Aronia ORIGINAL founder Jörg Holzmüller, is to bring the native berry back onto the menu. We analyze the berry and its ingredients and, in collaboration with nutritionists, develop recipes for high-quality products that we are completely convinced of. These products are for the good of mankind.

Reine Natürlichkeit

Pure naturalness


Our aronia berries grow on regional organic and Demeter plantations without synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers or genetic engineering. We believe that food should be free from these substances. Our plantations are alive and as natural as possible, with flowering strips of wild herbs and flowers that increase the diversity of flora and fauna and create habitats for insects and birds. This also influences the taste of our products.

Erntefrische Verarbeitung

Freshly harvested processing


Our aronia berries are pressed as quickly as possible after harvesting to preserve their natural freshness and quality. That is why we use a regional pressing plant and do not freeze or chill them for weeks. Because we believe that only a living berry is a good berry. This allows us to ensure that our products are full of nutrients and flavor and are a healthy choice for any diet.

Vollmundiger Geschmack

Full-bodied taste


We use daily analyses to determine the perfect harvest time for our aronia berries so that we can only supply you with ripe berries. A certain Brix value and sufficient hours of sunshine are crucial. Our berries are only pressed once in order to preserve their natural ingredients and produce a pure aronia juice, direct juice or mother juice that consists of only the best organic aronia berries and lots of love.

Regionale Werteschöpfung

Regional value creation


Our aronia berries come from local organic plantations and are pressed regionally into 100% direct juice. Our base in Dresden enables worldwide delivery. We rely on regional value chains to shorten transportation routes and strengthen rural regions. Although not all food can be grown regionally, we work according to the premise: as close as possible, as far as necessary.

Unabhängige Analysen

Independent analyses


Regular and comprehensive analyses for pesticide, heavy metal, radioactivity and patulin residues guarantee you a consistently flawless product. Our regular checks in an independent laboratory ensure the high quality and safety of our products to protect your health.

Maximale Produktsicherheit

Maximale Produktsicherheit


Dank unserem zertifizierten Qualitätsmanagement gewährleisten wir maximale Lebensmittelsicherheit und Qualität in allen Prozessen der Wertschöpfungskette. Unsere regelmäßigen Analysen und Kontrollen garantieren stets ein einwandfreies Produkt für deine Gesundheit.

Naturalness and purity

For an unadulterated taste experience made from natural ingredients.


Sustainable cultivation and harvesting methods for environmentally conscious production.

Highest quality

Carefully selected ingredients for a guarantee of the highest quality.

Innovative strength

Creative optimization of the benefits of our products.