Aronia Nero, potted (3l container) 40/60 cm


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Our classic! Aronia Nero:

  • 3-year-old plant
  • 40/60 cm
  • in a 3 liter pot

Note: Shipping only within Germany and Austria! No delivery to packing stations! 4 plants fit in one package!

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Aronia Nero is a variety especially for fruit cultivation. We offer these in a robust and resistant quality.

What makes this chokeberry so special?

– Very adaptable to the respective location

– tolerates temperatures down to -30°C

– thrives on almost all types of soil

– without great demands

– easy-care & frugal

– calm, even growth

– low cutting effort

– Fertilize only when necessary

– Robust and resistant

– Insensitive to pests or pathogens

– Fruits distinguish them from other aronia species

– steady, solid yield

– Firm berries ideal for further processing

– larger fruits compared to other varieties

– Taste very fruity, full & strong

Tips for the green thumb:

– Avoid waterlogging

– However, compensate for dry periods with sufficient watering

– Loosen up pure clay soils with light gravel

-> Enhance pure sandy soils with humus

– Fertilize only when necessary – use only organic fertilizers (e.g. Bokashi +400)

– Only use bark mulch very carefully so as not to compact the soil unnecessarily (oxygen supply)

– A sunny location is ideal – the berries ripen better and become more aromatic

– Protect berries from birds with nets at harvest time

– Stretch nets down to the ground – otherwise there is a risk of injury to the animals

– Stimulate growth in the first two years of growth by pruning for growth

– apply rejuvenation pruning in subsequent years if necessary

*The pure delivery time within Germany is usually 8 days. We cannot guarantee the delivery reliability of the delivery services. No delivery to packing stations!

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