Organic chokeberry wine 11.5% vol. (0.75 l, one-way)


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Organic aronia wine from the aronia berry (11.5% vol.). In 0.75l glass bottle.

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A journalist once described aronia juice as red wine without alcohol. We offer the alcoholic version: organic aronia wine made from 100% aronia berries in the classic 0.75 liter wine bottle with 11.5% vol. Alcohol.

Our chokeberry wine is a high-quality fruit wine made from aromatic, sun-ripened chokeberries. Its tart, full-bodied yet fruity taste promises a unique drinking experience.

It is suitable as a dessert wine, but can also be served with game dishes. The typical tart taste of chokeberries with a mild finish is best enjoyed at room temperature. But it is also a fruity delight on warm summer evenings when slightly chilled!

Note: Contains sulfites

Made in Poland. PL-EKO-001

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Organic certification, Vegan



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