Organic chokeberry liqueur 18% vol. (0.35 l, disposable)

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Organic aronia liqueur made from aronia berries (18% vol.) in 0.35 l glass bottle.

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You’ve never experienced the aronia berry like this before! Strong, tart berry flavor meets fine sweetness. This fine liqueur is very delicious with an alcohol content of 18%. Tannins (natural tannic acid), fruit and sweetness correspond perfectly with each other and unite in a full-bodied taste.

Ingredients: Aronia juice*, raw cane sugar*, organic ethanol 96% vol.*
*From certified organic cultivation. Made in Saxony. DE-ÖKO-006

Tip: In its slim, elegant bottle, our chokeberry liqueur is an exclusive gift tip that will not only bring a smile to the face of chokeberry lovers.

Alcohol content:
18% vol.

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Weight 0,9 kg

Organic certification, Vegan



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