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10 x 3L Bag-in-Box Set self-fillable

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A second chance for our outer packaging – The self-fillable 3L Bag-in-Box set

We at Aronia ORIGINAL want to conserve our resources and are giving our outer packaging a second chance! We have changed our packaging, which is why we can no longer use the cardboard packaging from the changeover period. But instead of simply throwing them away, we now offer you this sturdy cardboard box for your own juice project.

The 3L Bag-in-Box set is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to bottle their own juice, wine or cooking oil. The set contains high-quality double-layer plastic bags with a tap and sturdy outer packaging. The inner film of the bags is food-safe, while the outer film is impermeable to air. Please note that the bags can only be used once.

With the self-filling bag-in-box system, you can easily fill your favorite drinks yourself. The included instructions explain step by step how to fill the bag and close the tap securely. Take the opportunity to start your own juice project with our environmentally friendly bag-in-box set. Whether apple, pear or cherry juice – we hope you enjoy filling and drinking it yourself.

Contents: 10 x 3l bags with tap, 10 x cartons(carton design may vary) and instructions.

Download 3l Bag-in-Box set instructions now

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Weight 1,8 kg
Dimensions 325 × 125 × 420 cm

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