Book: ARONIA – Code: 120 The health aspects of the aronia berry



Henning Richter: ARONIA – Code:120 The health aspects of the aronia berry

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This title examines the health aspects of the aronia berry on the basis of more than 140 ongoing scientific studies. Learn more about the origin, ingredients, medicinal effects and diseases. The author comes to the conclusion that it is such a valuable berry that it is recommended as a staple food – for 120 years of vital life. Henning Richter summarizes his findings as follows: “When used regularly as a preventative measure, chokeberries are able to strengthen our immune system to such an extent that they can combat the development of many of the dreaded diseases of civilization, from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. With its high proportion of plant-based active ingredients, it can have a direct effect on many dispositions and diseases.”

By: Henning Richter (Author)
Softcover: 144 pages
Publisher: ABEG Anlagen GmbH; 1st edition (July 2015)

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