Book: ARONIA – The power berry from the Ice Age



Walter Binder: ARONIA – The power berry from the Ice Age: Science discovers the biovital substances of a small miracle berry

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Walter Binder presents a comprehensive book, now in its second expanded edition, which goes far beyond the health effects of the aronia berry and includes many peripheral areas. For example, it contains information about aronia berry juice in research into dementia, extending life expectancy and introduces biophotonics. The title presents a detoxification program without fasting excesses and deals, among other things, with the issue of alleviating oxidative stress. In addition, the author recommends dietary guidelines and gives advice for a healthy lifestyle, he offers medicinal plant-herbal berry combinations and presents dietary supplements from natural sources.

By: Walter Binder (Author)
Softcover: 240 pages
Publisher: VNB-Verlag für Naturmedizin und Bioenergetik

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